That 80s America TV Show feeling: worn denim jeans, big dreams and the feeling that something´s always just about to happen. It all comes flooding back as soon as Myle begins to sing. With the signature warm guitar sound, irresistible hooks and a soulful voice, Myle might just be the pop discovery of the year when he releases his second single this January: Following you.


„I´m addicted to pop!! I need catchy melodies, driving guitars, 80s synths, and a beat that doesn´t stop. I need something that sounds like home, I need something to dance to, I need moders but at the same time nostalgic.“

Continuously writing new material and perfecting his craft Myle has already worked with and for renowned Songwriters and Producers such as Herbie Crichlow, Jules Kalmbacher, Jens Schneider, etc. Steering between power notes and a smooth falsetto, this American dreamer´s powerful stage presence conjures up an international vibe with a taste of wanderlust. 

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